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N66° 9' W23° 15'

The Fishing Grounds

In Westfjords there are no large scale industrial companies or chemical plants, which makes it a heavy industry free zone. Therefore, the rich fishing grounds around Westfjords are one of the purest in Iceland. On the map, you can see the track of all the boats on the day when they caught the cod used to produce your cod liver oil. By clicking on the track you can see which track belongs to which boat.


The Fish

Your oil was made from fresh liver solely from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). The liver was bought from local longlining boats who go fishing early every morning and land their catch the same day.

Icelanders have structured a fisheries management system to ensure responsible fisheries, focusing on the sustainable utilization of the fish stocks and good treatment of the marine ecosystem.

The Testing Results for your Oil

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is a document attesting that your oil’s dietary supplement has undergone specified testing and adheres to its product specifications and standards.

DIOXINS and PCBs Standards
Maximum levels for the sum of dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs (WHO-PCDD/F-PCB-TEQ) for marine oils:

European Commission: 6.0 ng/kg

Iceland and Norway (stricter laws): 5.0 ng/kg

The Quality of our Production Facility

Our production facility follows strict European manufacturing standards and follows HACCP guidelines.

The establishment’s manufacturing and hygiene practices are regularly inspected by MAST, the Icelandic food and vetenary authority, against fulfilment of demands in Regulations (EC) No 178/2002, 852/2004.

The establishment has put in place and implemented check system based on HACCP principles in accordance with the article 5 of the Regulation (EC)) No 852/2004 and verification of operation in accordance with the US FDA’s Seafood HACCP Regulation 21 CFR 123.

True Westfjords establishment approval number: IS A878 EFTA

The Fish Market

We buy our cod liver at the local fish market, Fiskmarkaður Vestfjarða (Westfjord’s Fish market). The market is located in the harbour of Bolungarvík, 200 meters away from our production facility.

The goal of the fish market is to secure a fair market price for the fishermen and to supply local fish processing companies with raw material. The fish market guts, cleans and further chills fish and by-products and supplies us with fresh chilled liver.

Trace your bottle

Dropi Original 90 Capsules - 90 cps

Dropi oil is a cold processed cod liver oil made only from the Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). This processing method keeps the vitamins, omega-3 and other fatty acids in their natural state and may vary between seasons. The amount of these vitamins, the colour of the oil, as well as the taste can, therefore, vary between batches depending on the cod feed.

The capsules are made from fish gelatin which makes Dropi a 100% fish product and pescatarian friendly.