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Elevating Excellence

What makes clean fish oil?

In the era of clean products and conscious consumerism, Dropi proudly presents a revolutionary category: Clean Fish Oil.

As health-conscious individuals seek brands that align with their evolving needs, Dropi stands apart, offering unparalleled uniqueness and exceptional quality.

What Sets Us Apart: Discover the benefits of Clean Fish Oil

* Pristine Origins: Our fresh cod liver is sourced exclusively from the crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in Iceland's pristine Westfjords. Renowned as one of the cleanest fishing grounds globally, it provides the perfect environment for our premium ingredients. Through close partnerships with local fishermen, we ensure the highest quality by using freshly caught Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), processed within 24 hours.

* Pure and Unadulterated: With our traditional cold processing method, we preserve the natural properties of the cod liver, eliminating the need for any artificial ingredients. The result? Extra virgin, raw oil that remains clean, unaltered, and devoid of unnecessary elements that our bodies don't require.

* Transparency and Trust: Embracing a transparent supply chain, we introduce our traceable QR-code system, allowing customers to track and verify the origin and processing of our clean fish oil. Our commitment to transparency ensures peace of mind and trust in every bottle.

Unlock your wellness potential with just one teaspoon of Dropi

Less is more

Our pure Icelandic fish oil is a powerhouse of natural goodness, and due to high concentration of nutrients, you only need a teaspoon of Dropi.

With its exceptional purity and premium quality, Dropi provides you with all the essential omega-3 fatty acids your body craves. In just a single teaspoon, you can fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to support heart health, brain function, and overall well-being.

New: Dropi Kids

We proudly present a new product: Dropi Kids.

Our carefully crafted cod liver oil is a delicious way to ensure your children get the nutrients they need for a bright and healthy future.

Read more about Dropi Kids.

Traceability, Freshness, and Natural Purity

Stamp of Quality

At Dropi, we proudly place this stamp on all our products, symbolizing the fundamental qualities that define our category. In essence, we guarantee complete traceability, daily catch freshness, and 100% natural ingredients.