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Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil from Iceland

Clean fish oil from the ocean to the bottle

Dropi is the world’s first clean fish oil. It’s made from freshly caught fish and nothing else. No additives and no artificial ingredients. There’s simply no need.

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Freshly caught Atlantic cod

The fresh cod liver we use come exclusively from one of the cleanest fishing grounds in the world - the crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Traditional cold processing

Our traditional cold processing method preserves all the natural properties of the cod liver. This makes our oil extra virgin, raw and clean from everything unnecessary for our bodies.

Fully traceable

By implementing a traceable QR-code system we constantly live up to our promise of being fully transparent and trustworthy.

HACCP certified

All our products are produced according to the European Standards of Good Manufacturing Practice

Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil from Iceland’s oldest fishing community

Taking quality cod liver oil provides nearly all your daily requirements for vitamin A and D. Quality of our products is and has always been one of Dropi’s core principles. We buy our cod liver directly from local fishermen, all fresh until bottled and never boiled.

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  1. Improves Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

  2. Supports Eye Health

  3. Reduces Heart Disease Risk

  4. Reduces Inflammation

  5. Helps Heal Stomach and Gut Ulcers

  6. Improves Bone Health

  7. Reduces Joint Pain and Improve Rheumatoid Arthritis

Trace your bottle

Want to know where your product came from and see how it’s made? Type in your trace code below. You can find it inside your Dropi packaging.

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