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Clean Fish Oil

Why do we call it “Clean Fish Oil”?

The concept of ‘clean products’ has been becoming more and more popular in recent years, a persistently growing trend defining several industries, brands and consumer products on the market such as clean beauty, clean eating etc.

Consumers are becoming more and more conscious about their health and seek out brands that can fulfill their changing needs. That’s where Dropi comes into play. Our products have multiple unique characteristics which cannot be found on the market yet or replicated by others. Capitalizing on this uniqueness and outstanding quality, we aim to establish a brand new category for our products, which we call Clean Fish Oil.

We can claim the clean fish oil category our own for the following reasons:

* The fresh cod liver we use in our products comes exclusively from the crystal clear waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in the Westfjords of Iceland, which is one of the cleanest fishing grounds in the world. We have a close relationship with local fishermen and work exclusively with freshly caught Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) and process it within 24 hours.

* Due to our traditional cold processing method, we preserve all the natural properties of the cod liver, which means that we do not need to add any artificial ingredient to our products. This makes our oil extra virgin, raw and clean from everything unnecessary for our bodies.

* Additionally, our transparent supply chain mechanism also contributes to our newly established clean fish oil category. By implementing a traceable QR-code system, and encouraging customers to keep track of what they are consuming, we constantly live up to our promise of being fully transparent and trustworthy.

Fully Traceable - Caught Daily - 100% Natural

Clean Fish Oil

We use this stamp on all of our products to signify the core qualities that our category embodies. In essence, Dropi is always fully traceable, caught daily and 100 % natural.