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About us

Icelandic healthy living

The journey of Dropi started in Bolungarvík, a fishing town in the Northwest of Iceland, located on the Westfjords peninsula. It is home to one of Iceland’s oldest fishing communities, giving real depth to our traditional roots.

Apart from its astonishingly beautiful, picturesque nature, Iceland is also characterized by healthy living, longevity, and sustainability. That’s what we mean by Dropi’s Icelandic roots, and we have built it into every aspect of our brand.

The region provides us with the cleanest fishing grounds one can find in the Atlantic with the purest quality fish shoaling around. We work in harmony with nature, and our local fishermen guarantee consistent cod supply, adjusted to constant fluctuations in weather conditions, fish population and other externalities. Regardless of these changing circumstances, their loving work shines through each and every product we make.

A fresh take on a 1000 year old tradition

Our Icelandic heritage is what truly makes us who we are, and we do it in our own unique way. Our clean fish oil is exclusively cold processed, using an extraction method that resembles the ancient technique developed by early Viking settlers. This method has been mastered over 1,000 years, allowing us to produce the highest quality cod liver oil with the utmost care and attention.

Dropi is HACCP certified, which means that all of our products are produced according to the European Standards of Good Manufacturing Practice.

A clean drop of Iceland

Our clean fish oil is exclusively cold processed, using an extraction method that resembles the ancient technique developed by early Viking settlers. During cold processing, temperatures are kept below 42°C in order to preserve the natural properties, essential Omega-3 fatty acids and A&D vitamins found in the oil.

On top of this, to keep our oil pure and clean, we do not use any artificial ingredients or preservatives. What you find in our bottles is 100% natural, extra virgin fish oil in its cleanest and rawest form.

Our Story

The idea to pass on our age-old Icelandic heritage came in the shape of an MBA project at the University of Iceland back in 2012. A group of three ambitious women founded True Westfjords Ehf, the manufacturing company of Dropi.

Their initial concept was further developed and tested in cooperation with Matís, which led to the launch of Dropi in 2015. Since then, the founders’ original idea has been refined, improved and made available for thousands of customers, in and outside of Iceland.

Freshly caught well-being from the Icelandic ocean

It all starts at dawn, when the first rays of sunshine start to appear on the horizon. Local fishermen in Bolungarvík get ready for the day and sail out to the ocean on their long liners. It is not until later in the day that they return to land and prepare their daily catch to be transferred to Dropi’s production facilities.

Our relationship with them is truly precious to us, and we want to cherish it as much as we can, for as long as we can. They are the human cornerstones of the high-quality products that we produce, and make sure we have access to the freshest, cleanest and most nutritious wild fish in the North Atlantic Ocean. Their relentless work allows us to preserve our traditional Icelandic methods of producing fish oil.

We are familiar with all our local fishermen and you could be too!

At Dropi, we have nothing to hide. Therefore, each bottle contains a QR code that lets you trace the bottle and meet the fishermen that caught the fish.