Frequently Asked

What is the daily serving?

The daily serving of the oil is one teaspoon (5 ml). The daily serving of the capsules is 2-4 capsules.

Can my kids take Dropi?

Yes they can, if they are older than 6 months old.

What does cold processed mean?

It means that during the whole process, we never heat the product over 42°C (107,6°F).

Is Dropi tested for heavy metals and radiation?

Every batch is tested by a third party. See here.

Does Dropi contain mercury?

No, Dropi does not contain mercury. Every batch is tested by third party and they have never found mercury.

Is Dropi pescatarian friendly?

Yes, Dropi is pescatarian friendly.

Is Dropi vegan/vegetarian?

No, Dropi is made from cod liver.

What natural source does vitamin E come from?

Vitamin E comes comes from sun flowers.

Has Dropi been GMP/FDA certified?

Yes, our production facility has HACCP (GMP) certificate and Dropi is also approved by the FDA.

What fish is used for the gelatin in the capsules?

The fish gelatin is made from bones of fish, usually cod or Tilapia.

Is Dropi allergen free?

No, Dropi is a fish product, so for people who have fish allergies, we do not recommend this product.

Are the extracts (Ginger, Fennel and Spearmint) made in a laboratory?

No, they are not. We want our products to be as natural as they can be and no ingredient is made in a laboratory. All extracts are organic and traceable.

Is there any water in the oil?

No, we wash the oil with water but then we filter the water out.

Do you bleach the oil?

No, we do not.

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