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Uncover Origins and Production

Trace your bottle

At Dropi, we have nothing to hide. Therefore, each bottle contains a QR code that lets you trace the bottle and meet the fishermen that caught the fish.

Simply find your unique trace code on the packaging and bottle of your Dropi and enter it below to unveil the story behind your bottle. 



Our Boats

At Dropi, our commitment to quality starts at the source—the pristine waters of Iceland. We take great pride in the boats we use for fishing, which play a vital role in delivering the finest catch to your table.

Safety, sustainability, and environmental responsibility are ingrained in every aspect of our fishing operations. From the selection of fishing grounds to the handling of the catch, we prioritize the well-being of marine ecosystems and ensure sustainable fishing practices.

You can read about all of our boats here.


The Fish

At Dropi, we pride ourselves on the quality and purity of our cod liver oil, and it all begins with the fish we carefully select for our products.

We source our Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) from the pristine waters of Iceland, where the cold and nutrient-rich environment of the North Atlantic Ocean contributes to the unique flavor and exceptional nutritional profile of our cod liver oil.

Icelanders have structured a fisheries management system to ensure responsible fisheries, focusing on the sustainable utilization of the fish stocks and good treatment of the marine ecosystem.