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Dropi cod liver oil is exclusively cold-processed to maintain all its natural properties. The oil contains pure and natural vitamins, omega-3 and other nutrients. No artificial ingredients are added. Dropi cod liver oil is made from fresh Icelandic cod (Gadus morhua), caught daily from the clean fishing grounds of the North-Atlantic Ocean around the Westfjords in Iceland.

This quality product is produced according to European standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (HACCP). Dropi oil is produced in a very gentle way and the idea is based on the old tradition. Low temperatures, below 42°C, are used in the process to maintain all the natural properties of this valuable oil, therefore we can consider Dropi extra virgin cod liver oil and RAW food.

The Cod Liver

Early in the morning fishermen in Bolungarvík sail out to the fishing grounds on their longliners and jiggers. Later in the day, the fishermen return to the harbor with their fresh catch. The fish is then treated at the fish market and the liver is delivered on ice to us for oil processing the same day.

Our 100% Natural Process of the Cod Liver

The whole process is shorter than today’s industrially produced cod liver oil. We use a low temperature, below 42°C, in the process to maintain all the natural properties of the oil. Our production is dependent on nature, e.g. weather, circumstances at the Westfjords fishing grounds and fish population.

How it all started

What started as a school project in the University of Iceland’s MBA program, has led to this unique product. Three women founded True Westfjords ehf, the manufacturing company of Dropi, in 2012. In cooperation with MATÍS, the idea was researched and tested until Dropi was launched in Iceland in April 2015. The founders wanted to go back to producing cod liver oil like it was done in the old days.

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