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N66° 9' W23° 15'

The Fishing Grounds

In Westfjords there are no large scale industrial companies or chemical plants, which makes it a heavy industry free zone. Therefore, the rich fishing grounds around Westfjords are one of the purest in Iceland. On the map, you can see the track of all the boats on the day when they caught the cod used to produce your cod liver oil. By clicking on the track you can see which track belongs to which boat.

The Boats

Who caught your cod liver?

Trace your bottle

Dropi Ginger Dropi Ginger - 170 ml

Dropi is an exclusively cold processed, extra virgin cod liver oil, made only from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua). Because we cold process the oil, no additional vitamins are added. Clean and fresh from ocean to bottle. Our ginger flavoured oil was awarded the Superior Taste Award in 2021 for its brilliant taste. The ginger extract used for flavoring is organic.